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Animal Control

Lawrence Animal Control

If no one is available to answer calls at the Animal Control Office, Lawrence residents may call the Communications Center non-emergency number 317-545-7575. A request can be made to have an Animal Control Officer contact a resident during normal business hours.

Residents should call 911 for an emergency situation such as an animal attack or bite.

For problems with nuisance wildlife (coyote, racoon, oppossum, birds, bats, muskrats and the like) check the Department of Natural Resources web page for Nuisance Wildlife recommendations or contact one of many Animal Services located in the yellow pages under “Pest Control Services”. Examples: Out of Control Wildlife 317-409-9052, Wildlife Rescue and Control NE 317-257-2290, A Best Wildlife Removal North 317-514-1653, All Animal and Rodent Removal 317-881-9453 among those listed. Please shop for service and price.

Deceased Animal Collection
Indianapolis Department of Public Works Solid Waste Services crews collect and dispose of dead animal carcasses from all public streets within Marion County. To have a dead animal picked up from a Marion County public street, please call the City of Indianapolis Mayor’s Action Center at 317-327-4622.



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