Heavy trash collection is January 16-20

After the Martin Luther King Holiday Monday, January 15, Republic will claim heavy trash pick up on a one-day delay in your area. If you are normally a Monday customer, your regular and heavy trash will be picked up Tuesday, January 16 this month.





HEAVY trash pick-up dates in January for Lawrence


Heavy trash pick-up is the third full week of the month, on your regular day of the week. For more details regarding Republic’s policies and 2012 agreement with the City, please see the Department of Public Works page on the City’s website @cityoflawrence.org. Heavy trash will be collected January 16-20.








This month’s heavy trash dates:


Tuesday, January 16


Wednesday, January 17


Thursday, January 18


Friday, January 19


Saturday, January 20




Yard waste may be placed in your toter cart at any time during the year. You may place up to 10 brown bags with yard waste next to your toter during the months of April, May, June, October, November and December. Overage tags are available in the DPW office for $2 each, if you have extra yard waste. A second toter is also an option: you may request a second toter from Republic. They will deliver it to you. The charge for the second toter is $1.25 per month.


Call Republic at 317-917-7300