Online Bill Pay

Register your account today and you will enjoy complete account access at your fingertips in the Old Payment System. Registered account users can:

  • Review and pay bills, register credit card for recurring monthly payments
  • Manage multiple accounts and multiple payment options
  • Go paperless
  • Sign up for e-billing

Please Note:

Our new payment platform will auto enroll users in eBilling. Users wishing to opt out of eBilling will need to do so after receiving their first eBill and scrolling to the bottom and un-enroll in E-bills.  The new platform notifies you of the amount owed but does not give you access to view your bill or past bills.  In the New System, you can set up recurring monthly payments. 

Have a billing issue or concern? Please contact Cathy Retmier and/or Jodi Simpson at the Lawrence Utility's Business Office. We’re here to help!” 

New System: Create Account/Make Payment


One-Time Payment


Old Payment System


Other Payment Options:

Utility Payment by Phone:

Credit Card/E-Check: 317-542-0511