Attention Lawrence Utilities customers, as part of the rollout process for the new Utility Access/Payment system, current e-billing features will be disabled December 2023. This means you will receive a paper bill in the mail.

Utility Access Portal is Live!! Remember to create an account to gain full access to your Utility account. Also, don’t forget to activate e-billing and sign up for recurring credit card! If you were receiving e-bill notifications or enrolled in recurring credit card in a previous system, you will need to re-enroll once you have established your Utility Access account.


Read the Lawrence Lift for up-to-date information & news about Lawrence Utilities each month with your utilities bill.

For information regarding the Marion County Wellfield Education Corporation, please click here.

Lawrence Utilities serves more than 14,000 customers by operating three water treatment facilities, four water-storage tanks, 11 water-production wells, 25 sewer-pumping stations, more than 200 miles of water mains and more than 140 miles of sewer mains. We maintain more than 2,000 fire hydrants, 4,000 water-main valves and 4,000 manholes to serve the citizens of this city.

Lawrence’s water is supplied by deep wells and is treated to remove iron and manganese. Chlorine is used as a disinfectant and fluoride is added to protect against tooth decay in children. Phosphates are added to help control iron and corrosion in the water system. In the spring and fall each year, the entire water main system is flushed to maintain water quality. Citizens are notified via the website for flushing dates.

Your meter is read monthly. If, for some reason, the meter reader cannot read your meter, your bill will be estimated and marked with an “E.”

If you’re a new resident to Lawrence, you will be charged a $30 service fee on your first bill to turn on service. You should receive your first bill 30 to 45 days after service is initiated. If you do not receive your first bill in that time frame, contact the customer service department at 317-542-0511.