Breakdown of the Fort Ben Cultural Campus

June 18, 2021

The Fort Ben Cultural Campus offically opens June 18th! Here is a breakdown of the campus:

The Musical Swings

Lawrence is getting the first version of permanent musical swings!  Internationally awarded design team, Daily Tous Les Jours ( brings us a one of a kind installation.  If you missed the touring version that came to Lawrence in 2019, don’t worry.  These musical swings are here to stay!  A collective experience that lets community members play a critical role in cooperation!

Theater at the Fort

This historic theater was built in 1929 as a theater to entertain the enlisted men at Fort Benjamin Harrison.  It is the only remaining historic building still used for its originally intended purpose.  It has received renovations throughout including the addition of film/movies capabilities. The addition to Theater at the Fort offers rehearsal and classroom spaces including a puppet stage.  Public restrooms will be open for those visiting the plaza, and public art will also be on display in the lobby areas.

The Sterrett Center

Once the Fort Harrison Service Club, offering a combined military and recreational library, is now the Sterrett Community Center, run by the City of Lawrence Parks Department. 

Visual Arts Center

The Fort Harrison Communications building has been moved!  And is now located on the Cultural Campus and is repurposed as the Visual Arts Center for Lawrence.  The Visual Arts Center will offer gallery space, art classrooms for public use, including a ceramics studio with pottery wheels. 

Flip-Discs Artwork

Created by the new media artist collective BREAKFAST, this interactive digital/physical experience is located in the back lobby area of the Theater at the Fort.

History Walk

The main entrance to the Fort Ben Cultural Campus is formal and bricked and reminiscent of the Fort’s past.  Limestone benches will line the walk.  Each one hand carved by award winning artist Cheryl Lorance, to tell a story of Fort Harrison through art.


Arts for Lawrence is excited to bring you a permanent space for Fridays at the Fort free concert series!  The Amphitheater will also be activated during AFL Festivals like Children’s Theater Fest, Fiesta Latina de Lawrence, and new for 2021, Juneteenth! 

Artist Walk

Hidden among fragrant gardens are spaces for artists.  These spaces can be activated with performers – a guitarist, a mime, or with artists working – a painter with an easel, or art vendors selling their work.


This structure allows for (non-musical) swings for a relaxing seat to watch the amphitheater.  The structure will also allow for displaying artwork on a rotating basis. (Note: These swings are not yet installed.)

Marching Steps

An interactive experience of marching soldiers a fun way to remember the history of Fort Harrison.