Pickleball Ribbon Cutting at Lee Road Park

July 28, 2022

The Pickleball Courts at Lee Road Park are officially open!
Mayor Steve Collier cut the ribbon before Circle City Athletics players took to the courts for league play.
"I am very happy to finally cut the ribbon on the City of Lawrence’s first pickleball courts," said Mayor Collier.
"We recognized last year that the game of pickleball was growing rapidly and wanted to build a quality facility in Lawrence. The turnout tonight just goes to show how popular this sport has become. Thank you to everyone who made building this facility possible."
1. Courts are for Pickleball Use Only
2. Hours of Play: 7am to 10pm
3. Proper Attire & Equipment Required
4. Courts are first come, first serve unless otherwise designated for a special program, activity, or event
5. Waiting players will place their paddle in the rack to reserve their place in line
6. No alcoholic beverages, glass, food, or smoking
7. No unauthorized paid athletic services or lessons
8. Please observe proper Pickleball etiquette


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