LFD Annual Awards Banquet 2023

February 6, 2024

Last Saturday evening, February 3rd, the City of Lawrence Fire Department hosted their annual awards banquet at Daniel's Vineyard. We extend our sincere gratitude to all the dedicated firefighters and civilian EMS crews who tirelessly serve our community, ensuring the safety and well-being of our residents and visitors.

We are proud to recognize the outstanding achievements of the following individuals for the year 2023:

Medal of Bravery:

  • FF/Paramedic William Bowersox
  • Lt. Nick Hensel
  • Lt. Nick Rehmel (Presented by Chief Wallace)

Officer of the Year: Lt. Nick Rehmel

Firefighter of the Year: Firefighter Todd Wooldridge

Rookie of the Year: Firefighter Jordan McClellan

Civilian of the Year: Paramedic Jared Long

Firefighter/Paramedic of the Year: Firefighter/Paramedic Anthony Ammerman

Firefighter/EMT of the Year: Firefighter/EMT Chris Ulrich (Not Pictured)

Professional Excellence Award:

  • Firefighter/EMT Jake Turpin
  • Lt. Nick Hensel

Commendation of Merit:

  • Captain Jeff Balak
  • Firefighter/EMT Kevin Sheek
  • Firefighter/EMT Steve Rech
  • Firefighter/EMT Adam Elrod

Chief's Award: Firefighter/EMT Jason Mooney (Not Pictured)

Union Award: Lt. Eric Jenkins

Unit Citations for exemplary service:

  • A-Shift Residence Fire
  • A-Shift EMS Run
  • A-Shift SWAT Incident
  • C-Shift Residence Fire
  • C-Shift Residence Fire

They also extended appreciation to Kalie Kearney-Dunkerson, Administrative Assistant, and Mayor Deb Whitfield for their continued support and dedication to the City of Lawrence Fire Department. Congratulations to all the recipients on their well-deserved recognition.


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