Mayor Whitfield On Senator Jean Breaux

March 21, 2024

A message from Mayor Whitfield:

It’s hard to put words around a loss as great as the one our community is experiencing today with the passing of Senator Jean Breaux.

Senator Breaux was widely and rightly known as a fierce advocate for the residents of Lawrence, whom she represented in the Senate. She was respected in many corners for her willingness to fight for what she believed in, for her determination to speak her mind – come hell or high water. She was treasured by many who knew her for her sharp mind and unbreakable spirit.

But she was more than all of that, too. Jean was a mentor to me and to countless other women of color; a role model and trailblazer who kept a light on the path for those of us attempting to follow in her footsteps. She inspired me, challenged me, blessed me, cared for me. She was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of friend.

Senator Jean Breaux’s earthly flame was extinguished today, but her light shines on. I pray for her peace and for the comfort of her mother, Billie, the entire Breaux family, Jean’s Senate colleagues, and all those who loved her.