Pat Griffin

Battalion Chief A Shift


Patrick Griffin is an esteemed professional serving as the A-Shift Battalion Chief for the City of Lawrence Fire Department. With a remarkable career spanning over 24 years, Patrick has dedicated himself to assisting the community and excels in emergency resource and personnel management. His profound knowledge and unwavering composure enable him to skillfully direct crews towards achieving successful outcomes in a diverse range of emergent responses.

Born and raised on the east side of Indianapolis, Patrick completed his education at Scecina High School before earning a Bachelor's Degree from Indiana University. Prior to joining the fire service, he honed his skills during a seven-year tenure at Wishard Hospital. In 1999, Patrick embarked on his journey with the City of Lawrence Fire Department, steadily progressing through the ranks and earning promotions to Lieutenant in 2005, Captain in 2009, and ultimately attaining the esteemed position of Battalion Chief in 2011.

Patrick's professional excellence is underscored by his numerous certifications, which include Fire Officer I & II, Instructor I, II & III, Safety Officer, Public Safety Diver, Swift Water Tech, Rope Rescue, Hazardous Materials, NIMS, and a host of others. Actively involved in various department committees such as Quartermaster, SOG/GO Review, and Accident Review, he consistently demonstrates his commitment to advancing the department's capabilities. Notably, Patrick has recently played a pivotal role in the research and design of the state-of-the-art Station 38, showcasing his unwavering dedication to ensuring the utmost operational efficiency and effectiveness.