Boards & Commissions

Public Works and Safety
The board has responsibility for matters involving public works, police and fire protection. It approves contractual agreements for all city departments.
  Appointed By Expiration of Appointment
Tracy Ashcraft Appointed by the mayor  
Mark Clark Appointed by the mayor  
Dave Freeman Appointed by the mayor  
Fire Merit Commission
The commission is responsible for hiring, promoting and disciplining members of the Lawrence Fire Department.
Amy Coats Appointed by the fire department  2/28/2021
Damon Burns Common Council  2/28/2019
Querfeld, John Mayor  2/28/2019
Jessica Phillips Fire Department  2/28/2019
Tom Taylor Mayor  2/28/2017
Fire Pension Board
David Guidry Elected by firefighters 2/1/2019
Jeffrey Balak Elected by firefighters 2/1/2020
Aaron Collins Elected by firefighters 2/1/2021
Roger Pierce Elected by firefighters 2/1/2018
Jack Duncan – Retired Elected by firefighters 2/1/2018
Police Merit Commission
The commission is responsible for hires, promotions and discipline of members of the Lawrence Police Department.
Sarah Crouch Police Department  3/31/2019
Karen Horth Powers Police Department  3/31/2021
Robert Hendrickson Mayor  3/31/2021
Gail Gartin Mayor  3/31/2019
Charles Wheeler Common Council  3/31/2019
Police Pension Board
Mayor – ex-officio    
Police Chief – ex-offcio    
Controller – ex-officio    
Tom Ashcraft Elected by Police Officers  
Curtis Bigsbee Elected by Police Officers  
Officer Michael Sostre Elected by Police Officers  
James Meyer Elected by Police Officers  
Parks & Recreation Board
The board governs the use, programming and planning for the city’s parks system.
Tom Burns Mayor 12/31/2018
Judy Logsdon Mayor 12/31/2020
Helen Taylor Mayor 12/31/2019
Jeff Vest Mayor 12/31/2021
Shawn Denny Mayor No Term
Economic Development Commission
The commission may issue taxable or tax-exempt bonds for the purpose of economic development or pollution control.
Marion Hall Mayor 1/1/2020
Harry Cangany Mayor 1/1/2019
Elizabeth Shevlot Mayor 1/1/2019
Elaine Duszynski Common Council 2/1/2019
Board of Zoning Appeals
The Lawrence BZA is a division of the Marion County Metropolitan Development Commission that holds public hearings and makes decisions on variances of the zoning ordinances, special exceptions specifically allowed by the zoning ordinances, appeals of administrative decisions and approval petitions for modifications of previously approved petitions.
Thomas Crouch DMD 12/31/2018
Rebecca Lightle DMD 12/31/2018
Mike Payton Common Council 12/31/2018
Celeste Jaffe Common Council 12/31/2018
Arthur Duszysnki Common Council  12/31/2018
Alternate- Brent Addington Common Council  12/31/2018
Fort Harrison Reuse Authority
The authority, a tax increment finance district (often called a TIF), is responsible for redeveloping Fort Benjamin Harrison since its closure in 1995.
Jeffrey Congdon – Vice President Mayor-Lawrence 12/31/2018
Marcie Reddick -- President Mayor-Indpls 12/31/2017
Curtis Bigsbee Common Council 12/31/2019
Russell Brown – Sec/Tres City-County Council 12/31/2017
Andy Miller County Commissioners 12/31/2017
Redevelopment Commission
The commission’s mission is to advance job creation and to encourage real estate development along  Pendleton Pike from Shadeland Avenue to 59th Street and along Franklin Road. The commission uses the capital improvement tools of a tax increment finance district to accomplish its goals.
Jerry Clifford Mayor 12/31/2018
David Blount Mayor 12/31/2018
Brian Hicks Mayor 12/31/2018
Bruce Kimery Common Council 1/1/2018
Frank Sullivan Jr. Common Council 1/1/2018
 Richard Freije Jr.  Mayor-nonvoting member 12/31/18
Utility Service Board
The USB oversees the operations of Lawrence Utilities, the public provider of water and sewer services for Lawrence.
Dale Tekippe Mayor 1/1/2020
David Parnell Mayor 1/1/2021
Steven Hall Mayor 1/1/2019
Terry Gingles Common Council 9/7/2020
Tracey Boyd Common Council 9/7/2021
Municipal Building Corporation
The Lawrence Municipal Building Corporation exists for the purpose of acquiring, improving and financing government buildings and systems.
Ray Cox Mayor 1/1/2019
Mark Forcum Mayor 1/1/2019
Ann Lathrop Mayor 1/1/2019
Marion County Stormwater District Technical Advisory Committee
Paul Oler Council 12/31/2020