Lawrence Trades District Development Plan

The City of Lawrence features terrific access to Interstate 465 with two interchange exits, one at 56th Street/Shadeland Avenue and another at Pendleton Pike. The 56th Street interchange and corridor represents a quality entrance leading to the Village at the Fort. The other interchange at Pendleton Pike represents a challenging corridor but with opportunities, which is the focus of this document. 

Beginning in 2007, the City of Lawrence has targeted the improvement of the Pendleton Pike corridor. Lawrence created a corridor plan (created by EDEN Collaborative) which featured right-of-way recommendations and design improvements. 


The City also has acquired and cleaned four parcels at Pendleton Pike and Sellers Street which represents a 3.5-acre site. In addition, there are several other development opportunities featured along the corridor with empty buildings and vacant parcels. The biggest strength and obvious cluster in the area is contracting and business-to-business companies. This cluster in addition to the new Menards building create an identifiable vision to build upon and support within the City of Lawrence. 

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