RFQ for central police station issued by City of Lawrence

December 6, 2016




The City of Lawrence through the Office of Mayor Steve Collier (the “City”) will accept and consider written responses (the “Response”) for the design, financing, and construction of a central police station facility (the “Project”) in the City.


Responses shall be addressed to Jason Fenwick,               City Controller, for the City of Lawrence and delivered to the offices of the City Controller, 9001 E. 59th Street, Lawrence, Indiana 46216. The deadline for submission of Responses is Thursday, January 12, 2017 at 12:00 p.m. EST (the “Receipt Deadline”).


Each Response must address the topics and items set forth below (the “Terms of Development”).



The administrative functions of the City of Lawrence Police Department (the “Department”) have historically been housed in the City Government Center.  The Department’s needs have outgrown its current, outdated space and a new facility is needed to provide the Department with the support and resources necessary to competently fulfill the Department’s mission and its obligations to the residents of the City of Lawrence.  Additionally, a new facility will provide the Department with the opportunity to consolidate into one location those various functions currently provided throughout the City, providing further opportunities to gain efficiencies in Department administration.  The City believes these benefits will exist with a new facility and would expect the approach to the project to reflect these goals.  The City believes that a new facility will require approximately 40,000 square feet of office and specialized space with commensurate parking and garage or sallyport access.



and Experience:

The Respondents should indicate their previous experience with the design, financing, and construction of public safety offices, or similar facilities.  Experience should be limited to projects completed within the last 10 years for municipalities located within the State of Indiana.  Respondents should identify the individual members of its team responsible for the finance, design, and construction of the Project.  When describing the structure of development teams, Respondents should provide examples of previous projects where team members have functioned together in similar roles.


Desired Process:

The City believes that close cooperation with the Department staff will be critical to the design of a functional facility that will provide the long-term benefits the City desires.  The Respondents should provide a description of the methods Respondents will use to engage City stakeholders while maintaining the Project’s budgetary integrity.



The City will establish a not to exceed budget for the Project, based upon the final Project programming, estimated square footage, and selected site.  The City desires budget certainty, and as such, the Respondents should provide information detailing how the method of design and construction will transfer construction pricing and budgetary risk from the City to the developer.


Based upon the total cost of the Project, the City will make a decision on whether to fully fund the Project, leverage annual appropriations of funds, or some combination thereof.  The City is interested in financing approaches that can provide the City with opportunities to fund the Project while limiting the impact on the City’s annual budget or departmental cash flows.  Respondents should provide the City with detailed information regarding ways that the Respondents can finance the Project, with as minimal impact to City budgets and borrowing capacity as possible.






The City believes that the expedient approval, financing, design, and construction of the Project will provide the City with construction and operational savings.  Respondents should provide a chart or charts indicating the total, cumulative length of the approval, financing, design, development, and construction processes for completing the Project.  


The City’s proposed timeline for the Project completion is as follows:


·         December 5, 2016                                           RFQ sent to bidders

·         January 12, 2017                                              Responses Due by 12 pm (EST)

·         January 26, 2017                                             Preferred Bidder Selected

·         April 2017                                                         Final Plans Developed

·         July 2017                                                           Project Start

·         Fall 2018                                                            Project Completion


Risk Transfer:


The City seeks to mitigate or transfer risk related to 1) construction pricing, 2) change orders due to design deficiencies, 3) construction quality, and 4) construction completion schedule, to the private sector.  Respondents shall provide an explanation of how the chosen delivery method for the project will reduce these risks throughout the process, thereby providing costs savings to the City.


Preferential Features:


The City will give preference to Responses that exemplify the following:


(a)    Examples of experience in design and construction of public safety offices or similar projects;


(b)   Discussion of Developer’s ability to finance municipal and/or public safety facilities.


(c)    Narrative description of proposed team and its approach to the project, identifying each team member’s role in the project as well as the reporting and accountability structure between the individual team members.


(d)   Samples of proposed architecture and design for the Project.


(e)   Plans to provide City with budget certainty, including transferring risks associated with construction pricing and contingencies from City.


(f)     A proposed financing method, including preliminary terms such as term and interest rate, providing cost effective Project to City.


(g)    A clear indication of the Respondent’s process to solicit and incorporate stakeholder input.


(h)   Certainty regarding design and construction schedule.


(i)      The general business reputation of the Respondent.


(j)     The experience and record of the Respondent with respect to the design, financing, and construction of projects similar to the Project will be considered.


(k)    Any other factors that the City determines to be important in carrying out and serving: (i) the legal purposes of the City Department of Public Safety; and (ii) the interests of the City and its residents, from the standpoint of both human and economic welfare will be considered.


Timeline and Requests for Information:


The City understands that Respondents may have questions that cannot be answered by the information contained within this RFQ. All questions should be submitted electronically by 4:30 p.m. EST on Monday, December 19, 2016, to Jason Fenwick, City Controller, at jfenwick@cityoflawrence.org.  Please include your e-mail address in any inquiries.


The City will post the questions and the answers to all questions via its website at www.cityoflawrence.org by January 4, 2017. Respondents shall note that only the written answers provided will be binding on the City. These answers shall represent the City’s official position and supersede any previous oral statements made at any time.


Responses should be sealed and shall contain three (3) original copies and one (1) electronic copy (i.e. CD or thumb drive containing PDF format) that are clearly labeled with the Respondent’s name and the project name. Due date for all Responses is January 12, 2017 at 12:00 noon EST. Submittals must be received and time stamped by the deadline.


Responses, questions, and comments received after all stated deadlines will not be considered.


Timeline Summary:

Distribution of RFQ

Respondents’ Questions Due

Answers to Respondents’ Questions

Receipt Deadline

December 5, 2016

December 19, 2016

January 4, 2017

January 12, 2017


City’s Rights:

The City reserves the right to: (a) consider or reject without consideration any Responses; (b) reject any or all Responses; and (c) select a Respondent that, in judgment of the City has submitted the highest and best response, regardless of any proposed pricing included as a part of the bid.  The City shall not reimburse for any costs associated with submitting a Response.


It is not expected that Respondents produce a full architectural rendering of the Project, although that is permitted.  Rather, the City desires that Respondents produce an image portfolio of architectural styles, programming layout, and anticipated site plan that the Respondent believes are possible for the Project.  This portfolio can include photographs of buildings and/or environments not built by the Respondent. Note that full credit must be given on all photographs.


The intent of this approach is for the City to understand the Respondent’s beliefs about architectural style, functionality, programming, and proposed site layout without creating a static proposed rendering that likely will change in the future as the design and development process evolves. The City will consider that the Respondent’s submission, through careful thought and understanding, exemplify the Respondent’s design and programming commitment for the Project.