Phase II Water System Improvements

September 16, 2022

Workers with JG Case Construction are connecting the existing water main on 50th Street to the new main in Franklin Road. 

Under our Phase II Water System Improvements Project, Contrct B, JG Case was selected to replace water mains on Franklin Road, 46th Street, Richardt Street, Elmhurst and Woodcroft streets between 47th and 48th, McGuire Court, and Hermosa Drive. This $3.53 million project is a direct result of the water rate increase passed in 2017. Along with the Phase I projects, the Phase II Contract A projects and other projects funded with our Replacements and Improvements Capital funds, the Water Utility has invested upwards of $30 million in improving its water system since 2017. This includes work at all three water treatment plants, all water storage facilities, and improvements in all three well fields.

We have also replaced close to 33,000 linear feet of water main since 2017 and over 5,000 water meters. The City of Lawrence had not made any significant headway in replacing its old water infrastructure, which is also in poor condition, is undersized in some places and suffers from heavy iron buildup. The areas we are focusing on are generally west of Post Road from the southern to northern boundary lines. These are the areas with the most problems related to water infrastructure.  


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