Lawrence Police Department Announces Body-Worn Camera Project

Published Aug 12, 2016

Lawrence Chief of Police David Hofmann is pleased to announce the Lawrence Police Body-Worn Camera Project. Lawrence Police have partnered with Utility Body Worn Cameras as a service provider for an innovative, state-of-the art system, integrating “Smart” Body-Worn and In-Car Cameras into one comprehensive solution. When the project is fully implemented, every Lawrence Police Officer performing patrol functions will be outfitted with this state-of-the art camera system. After an initial pilot-project, full implementation should be complete by the end of September. Implementing a Body Worn and In-Car camera system continues to build and improve upon cornerstone tenets for law enforcement: Transparency, Accountability, Community Relations, and Trust. They will increase Officer Safety, evidence collection, and Court convictions. LPD is launching this innovative, progressive technology in the absence of a negative or controversial incident involving police interaction with the public. Policy development consistent with existing State law is currently underway, with model policies, national best practices and stakeholder input being actively collected, examined and analyzed to develop LPD’s policy.



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