$4,100,000 for improvements in the older parts of Lawrence!

Published May 13, 2022

$4,100,000 of grant money will go towards sanitary sewer improvements in the older parts of Lawrence! The Indiana General Assembly allocated $100 Million of federal funds to provide grants to Indiana utilities for drinking water, stormwater, and wastewater projects. Over 500 applicants requested more than $700 Million in assistance. We were happy to report late last year that Lawrence Utilities did receive a grant for $2,050,000, which we will match with $2,050,000 from the ARP funds. This week the Lawrence Utility Board approved the award of the project to Miller Pipeline. We will soon hold a pre-construction conference with the contractor and start finalizing start times for this work. Roughly $30 Million has been invested into the water utility since 2017, to replace and upgrade our old, worn out water treatment plants, to restore our water storage facilities and extend their useful life, and to begin a long overdue routine water main replacement program. The goal of Lawrence Utilities is to provide safe, reliable and high quality water and sanitary sewer services to our community.



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