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The City of Lawrence provides bi-weekly curbside recycling pickup. This section contains detailed information about curbside recycling, ToxDrops, recycling for businesses, and recycling drop-off sites for residents.

Curbside Collection for Residential Customers

Each private residence served by the City of Lawrence Sanitation Department may participate in the recycling program. To participate, simply take a large plastic trash container or any other type of sturdy container, mark it “Recycle” in large letters with permanent marker or paint, and use it as your recycling bin. Recycling containers should be set apart from your trash so that our city collectors don’t confuse the two.

The following list contains the items that may be placed in your bin.

  1. #1 plastics – such as soda bottles, cooking oil bottles, peanut butter containers
  2. #2 plastics – such as milk jugs & detergent bottles  Glass jars & bottles – clear, brown & green
  3. Aluminum beverage containers
  4. Steel beverage & food containers
  5. Newspapers & magazines
  6. Corrugated cardboard & press board such as cereal boxes (Please flatten all boxes)
  7. Newspapers, magazines, junk mail & white paper. All of these items are to be bundled & tied or placed in brown paper bogs that are then to be set on top of all other items in your bin – to keep items from flying out of your bins on windy days.

Please remove lids from plastics and glass containers and rinse all containers so as not to attract insects or animals.

Recycling is picked up on normal trash days, every other week. The recycling calendar can be picked up at the Lawrence Government Building.

Bins are the property of the City of Lawrence and should be left with a residential property when occupancy changes.

Yard Waste Composting

Between Oct. 1 & Nov. 31 clean yard waste can be left at the curb for composting. Please use recyclable paper yard waste bags – available at most grocery & hardware stores.

Tox Drops

Materials may be dropped off between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. on the first and third Saturday of each month at the IMPD Training Facility located at: 9049 East 10th St.

  1. For information about acceptable hazardous waste that is recyclable click here.
  2. For information about apartment,business and condo recycling click here.
  3. 2013 Recycle Schedule