Hofmann presents LPD Officer of the Year Award

February 8, 2018

During last week's All-Department Meeting, Lawrence Police Chief David Hofmann recognized the Officer of the Year Recognition Award winners for 2017.

 This year, LPD had Co-Officer of the Year award winners, Officer Stuart Bishop, and Officer Aaron Clegg. They were both nominated by their peers for this recognition.

 Bishop joined LPD in 2013, after serving in the US Air Force as a Reserve Officer/Deputy in Montgomery County South Dakota, Hendricks County South Dakota, and Speedway Indiana Police Department. He also served full-time as a police officer at the VA Hospital prior to joining LPD.

In 2017, Bishop led the Operations Division in overall arrests with 52 felony arrests and 69 misdemeanor arrests. Bishop consistently demonstrates dedication and commitment to the City of Lawrence through proactive police work, including the life-saving efforts of a suicidal person and capturing armed felons during crimes in progress.

Clegg joined LPD in 2015, after serving as an Emergency Medical Technician. Clegg has displayed a consistent work ethic during his tenure with LPD, where his attributes include selfless service, is tactically sound, proactive, able to lead and be part of a team, and he has demonstrated excellent report writing throughout the year.

Statistics are only a small part of measuring an officer’s performance, but Clegg was one of the most proactive officers on third shift in 2017, including 25 felony arrests, 58 misdemeanor arrests, 64 uniform traffic tickets, 145 traffic warnings, and 1470 assist runs. He also participated in two separate incidents where his decisive actions resulted in de-escalating and stabilizing potentially life-threatening situations involving individuals seeking self-harm.

For these reasons and many others, Hofmann presented the Co-Officer of the Year Award to Bishop and Clegg during LPD’s All-Department Meeting, which took place at the Armory.